Analyze And Secure Your Data First Before Moving Forward

Analyze and secure your data first before moving forward or you will regret it.

Spending money on cyber security doesn’t prove an organization is getting better at it by any means.

It is painful how many people are not doing detect and respond therefore spending more money on security.

Companies put big firewalls and then they do nothing else but if no one is watching what good is it?

Cyber Security

Cyber attacks will cost businesses across the world $8 trillion in the next five years.

Just put this into prospective, India’s entire GDP crossed $8 trillion two years ago and grows everyday.

The report says that we’ll hit that threshold very soon due to higher levels of Internet connectivity.

Making it easy for Hackers to run in and run out. Heard of that one before?

The biggest problems occur when organizations try to integrate new and legacy systems.

Without having someone check their computers and pay particular attention to security on their network.

The attacks on hospital infrastructure show that inadequate cybersecurity can now cost lives and money.

Analyze And Secure Your Data First Before Moving Forward

Having some sort of IT is better then nothing but if they are not following proper procedure what are you paying for?

What you will see in a small organization is maybe they’ve invested a lot in protection.

They make a one time spend of $40,000 on a firewall and they’ve gone from a zero to a three.

Now they’re not doing any of the other stuff, which is disastrous.

It would be better to be doing all of these at a 2 than one of them at a 4.

Make sure to Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover and Backup.
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