Does Google Chrome Drain Laptop Batteries?

Does Google Chrome Drain Laptop Batteries?

When you thought picking out the right laptop wasn’t easy enough, now you need to worry about what browser to use. Well we are not here to promote one browser to another, but we would like to shed some light on which browser consumes more power. Which ultimately costs more money down the road to your electrical bill. I’m sure your still probably wondering does google chrome drain laptop batteries?

What does Microsoft have to say

Obviously Microsoft wants to promote the best power consumption laptop possible and has created a test to compare their browser to chrome. They also added some other browsers to show that Edge consumes less power than the competition. Microsoft took four identical laptops and set them in a row, put the same streaming video at the same time. Really, you can guess who is the winner or you can see it for yourself in the video below.

 Something to consider

Microsoft’s new Edge browser is significantly better than Internet explorer and it does run 70% percent longer than Chrome. But it still lacks some key elements that we use in the background. Like Third-Party extensions, which is said to be changing in the summer. Sadly enough, Edge could very well not come out with your favorite extensions at all.

Last but not least

Microsoft’s Edge is showing people what they have to offer, to win people over and try to get them to come to Edge, that is just a given. But what about the other Browsers? We can’t speak for everyone of them but Firefox can be another options if you don’t like the idea of your laptop dying on you well your at the airport or sitting in a coffee shop. We here at BlackBox Connections also are not bashing Chrome. Does Google Chrome Drain Laptop Batteries? You tell us and we will be happy to assist you in any changes you would like to change in your IT needs.

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