Have You Closed All The Back Doors To Your Enterprise

Have you closed all the back doors to your enterprise due to high risks of cyber attacks nowadays?

New data is showing that companies are still struggling to close all entries because of the lack of knowledge.

Back Doors

Backdoors make up the most of cloud malware detection while standing at 37 percent detected.

Since last quarter it dropped being at 43 percent yet still a huge threat to companies.

Other Viruses

Behind back doors are adware at 14.3 percent, Microsoft Office macros at 6.0 percent.

Javascript making up 5.8 percent, Ransomware at 4.2 percent, also mobile at 1.5 percent.

PDF exploits one 1 percent, percentages of malware-infected files is 9.3 percent which is down from 26.5 percent last quarter.

False Sense Of Security

With the focus of cloud based services at a high rise right now its important that IT implement controls.

Either both visibility into or control over the use of all cloud services especially relevant when using external cloud providers.

Web Mail

Web mail data loss prevention is even better then cloud based storage.

Hence it sits at 39.94 percent of violations from web mail compared to 38.96 percent from cloud storage,


Cloud Services

Cloud use is still rising with enterprises and is marked as one of most used by retail, restaurants, and hospitality industry.

Microsoft Office 365 usage continues to rise as it becomes a platform.

Most noteworthy partners integrate using their own external services and apps.

Microsoft now makes up 40 percent of the list of top 20 cloud services.

Have You Closed All The Back Doors To Your Enterprise

In conclusion making sure all doors are closed on your computer systems security can be difficult so consult your IT regularly.

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