How do you Handle Scammers phishing for Information

How do you Handle Scammers phishing for Information? You’ve gotten a call from an unknown number, the person on the other line is asking for important credentials. What is the company’s proper procedure?

What some Experts do

Florian Lukavsky, director of app security services firm SEC Consult, who himself has scammed a group of whalers at their own game, by sending them an infected PDF that he said was a transaction confirmation.The malware harvested personal information.

Is it Wise to play with Scammers

Since most of us are not experts in this field and unless you have the co-operation of police, its best to stay out of it and leave it to the experts or the government.

Does the Government do anything

Of course, Law enforcement, military and intelligence operatives are all authorized to intrude on targets, and there is a difference since they have approval from a higher level chain of command.

Attacking back

Imagine if everyone was attacking back. It would turn into the wild west not knowing who’s right or wrong, innocent parties would get caught in the cross fire.

How do you Handle Scammers phishing for Information

To identify the scammer or hacker in this particular scenario is key to disengaging the problem immediately at hand. It is the best way to protect yourself and company. Honestly it is a lot less work.

Is there a Backup Plan

In this day in age having a back up plan is just the way of life. Someone in the company is going to mess up and important credentials are going to get out. what do you do?

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