How Secure Are You Keeping Your Social Media Account

How secure are you keeping your social media account and are you giving away fraudsters access to your Facebook?

Would they be able to get enough information from just your Facebook to steal your identity?

That is a few very important questions you should really consider while surfing your social network.

All It Takes

A recent study shows 30 percent of adults include their full name, address and date of birth on their profiles.

Furthermore that’s two of the three key pieces of information a fraudster needs to steal your identity.

Now they have access to your bank accounts, take out loans or take out mobile phones in your name.

Ultimately once a fraudster gets your identity they are able to attack your business.

Is Social Media Bad For Children Only

There is a huge risk for children when it comes to social media but are adults aware of the risks.

They could be signing rights away or giving out details through images and posts that fraudsters can use.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Have you put your birthday on your social media profile?

Did you click the box allowing Facebook to quote your relationships?

Could that make your mother’s maiden name easy to find?

How many institutions use that name as a security question if you need to reset a password?

Security Precautions

Check your settings regularly to see which apps you have granted access and delete any that you no longer need.

It’s OK to lie about birthday and location but just remember what you put or keep a note.

Many free social networks don’t require personal credentials so you have no clue who your talking with.

How Secure Are You Keeping Your Social Media Account

When keeping your information private it should be at the utmost priority.

This kind of attack leads to Ransomware once the fraudster obtains personal information.

Check out this new Ransomware intercept X tool by Sophos because it’s an excellent tool Sophos Ransomware Tool

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