Is Your Managed Service Provider Working For You

Is your managed service provider working for you and are you seeing results?

Many businesses rely on outsourcing some or all of their IT to managed service providers.

MSP security is at times found as separate and optional to businesses.

More then half of businesses see it as an essential part to their company with the ever growing ransom-ware attacks.

Ransom-ware is a huge concern with businesses small or large since the threat is attacking everyone.

Managed Service Provider

Why choose MSP?

Solid and predictable budgeting from MSPs helps with easy budget management with no surprises.

Access to a team. MSP companies are often staffed with multiple tiers of expertise.

This does allow the client to tap into resources that may not normally be available through a traditional structure.

Picking the right MSP can lead to lower costs because the MSP can charge less then the cost of just one individual.

Choosing the right MSP means, that is one less thing that an organization needs to deal with.

Really the goal of a good MSP is to let you focus on the company’s core operations.

Is Your Managed Service Provider Working For You

Ransom-ware protection is the top concern of customers both large and small.

54 percent of MSPs with enterprise customers claim this is their customers’ main concern.

In addition 49 percent of MSPs with smaller customers feel the need for security.

Now it’s not enough to simply have cyber security services in an MSPs portfolio.

Really all it takes is an incident such as Ransom-ware to infect and ruin a MSPs reputation.

MSPs face a number of challenges when it comes to investing in the expansion of their cyber security offers.

Check out this new Ransomware intercept by Sophos and is an excellent tool Sophos Ransomware Tool

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