Website Tip #6

Keyword Research

How Can Keyword Research Increase Your Ranking with Search Engines?


It Helps People FIND YOU!


Let me ask you….if you wanted to purchase something online but didn’t know quite where to find it, would you type something into a search engine?  If so, what would you type to find that exact item?

I am sure like most…you break it down a bit.  Meaning, if I was looking for a Red 2018 Jeep, I would probably type exactly that….except I may want to add my location to narrow it down even further.  But for the most part this search inquiry should FIND the exact Jeep that I am wanting to purchase.

So, thinking from the side of a Visitor….do you think your keywords are up to par?

There are a few things you need to think about AND DO in order to help people find you:

  1. What is the specific question or what does the Visitor want to learn about?  This is called Information Intent.
  2. Is the Visitor looking to purchase a specific item online?  Continue Reading…..

We know this all sounds a little boring…possibly a little overwhelming, but no worries we can handle it for you …just give us a call or send a message!

Plan to Increase Your Ranking with Search Engines and help people find you!

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Stay tuned for another addition of Website Tips next week…  

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