Website Tip #7

Local SEO

How Local SEO can help people find you?


Simply, when a person is looking for a service/business and type it into a search engine…YOU show up!


Most of us have experience with this I’m sure!  Your out-and-about with a friend or family member and decide to try a new restaurant or shop…so you type it into the search engine, whether it be Google or Bing and BAMMMM….a list pops up!

Well that is certainly where YOU want your business showing up, right?!  But of course if you are not claimed and listed…chances are, you won’t be found so easily!  There are multiple platforms to help with increasing your online visibility but you also want to pay attention to your reviews, shares, citations and more.

Now thankfully, there are many sites online that you can utilize which are FREE, but it is important to make sure it is sensible for your site to be listed on it, otherwise it can harm your efforts.   Continue Reading…..


I know it may all sounds a little boring…possibly a little overwhelming, but not to worry, we can handle it for you …just give us a call or send a message!

Plan to Increase Your Ranking with Search Engines and help people find you!

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Stay tuned for another addition of Website Tips next week…  

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