Locky Ransomware Is On The Rise Learn What You Can Expect

Locky Ransomware is on the rise learn what you can expect as the threat is growing. Last year The University of Calgary submits $14,700 to crooks and with no surprise many people took notice.

Locky Ransomware alias Lokitus is recognized by Sophos Intercept X!

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The threat of Ransomware has gone down but old viruses are resurfacing like Ransomware Locky. Locky was once among the most dominant strains of Ransomware and with time it faded from view. With that other Ransomware took form such as Cerber and Spora.
The Spread By Spam Is Real – It is spread by spam email and comes with a .zip attachment with a .js file inside. It downloads the actual payload and then encrypts the files.

  • The .lukitus variant comes with email subject lines like “PAYMENT” and ” Here’s a copy of your payment”.
  • The Diablo variant used the body content “Files attached. Thanks” and the sender’s email address had the same domain as the recipient’s.
  • Locky Ransomware Is On The Rise Learn What You Can Expect

Ransom-ware is not going away anytime soon so it is time to prepare yourself and keep your files secure.  Defensive measures against malicious attachments is only 1 step to success. If you receive an attachment of any kind by email and don’t know the person who sent it, ee suggest you don’t open it.

  • Configure Windows to show file extensions. This gives you a better chance of spotting files that aren’t what they seem.
  • Use an anti-virus with an on-access scanner, also known as real-time protection.
  • Consider stricter email gateway settings. Some staff are more exposed to malware-sending crooks.
  • Staff may benefit from more stringent precautions, rather than being inconvenienced by them.

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