Website Tip #3

Meta Tags

How Will Meta Tags Impact Your Website?


  1.  Title Tags on their own can impact your search rankings
  2.  Descriptive Tags can encourage them to visit your website
  3.  Meta Descriptions can help with organic clicks.

The definition of Meta Tag or Meta Element is basically the structured data about a website or page.  It is the HTML tag.  This is what search engine crawlers use to identify content within a website and is to help categorize the page.

Meta tags are used to specify page descriptions, keywords and other various elements.  These tags DO NOT appear on the pages itself, but can be seen when viewing the page source.  Meta tags can help with your SEO, but not all of them are of equal value.  The one that is going the have the greatest impact on your website traffic is the Meta Description Tag.  This one is what will drive your customers to “click” to your site.

The 4 Major types of Meta Tags are:

  • Meta Keywords Attribute – keywords that are relevant to the page they are on.
  • Title Tag – This text is at the top of your browser.  This is that Search Engines identify as the “title” of your webpage.
  • Meta Description Attribute – Brief description of page.
  • Meta Robots Attribute – This tells the Search Engine Robots, Bots or Crawlers what they should do with your page.


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