Website Tip #8

SEO Analytics


How an SEO Analytics Report can help with search rankings?


It provides you with an in-depth report as to what areas you need to improve in order to turn up in search engine inquiries.

Remember the 200+ items that search engines use to decide if YOUR company is credible AND if they should send people to your site?  Well an SEO Analytics Report will pin point those areas for you.  This way you can have an accurate guideline as to where to tweek and improve in order to be found.

Without an SEO Analytics Report it can be pretty much impossible to know why your site may not be ranking…and why people are not finding you in their search inquiry.  Now the tools out there can range from free to hundreds of dollar a month, but of course depending on your website, one may be better than the other.

These reports will pin point areas such as Keyword Performance, Link reports, page performance and continue reading…


I know it may all sounds a little boring…possibly a little overwhelming, but not to worry, we can handle it for you …just give us a call or send a message!

Plan to Increase Your Ranking with Search Engines and help people find you!

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