Time To Limit Employee Access To Sensitive Company Data

Time to limit employee access to sensitive company data, because most of all can you trust them?

It is a dirty job but sometimes owners retire and need to lay off employees or consequently fire an employee.

What is left is important data files for anyone to grab as a result you don’t want that happening.

Data files are easily copied and pasted to a removable SD card and now it’s the hands of an employee.

Survey Says

Recent survey says 60 percent of companies don’t know who has full or most noteworthy access to company critical data.

43 percent of data breaches were the result of malicious and incompetent insiders.

Company owners first of all need to change their thinking in that, threats are not always outside the company.

Data Breaches

Breaches can be caused by many things such as unauthorized application use, unauthorized physical and logical access to sensitive data.

Misuse of corporate computers, such as unauthorized sharing of work devices can lead to disaster.

A misuse of passwords or sharing passwords lead to compromised data and back-doors.

In addition to inadequately disposed-of paperwork and lost or stolen devices is an easy way to grab information.

Time To Limit Employee Access To Sensitive Company Data

There are a number of steps and processes a company can take to help mitigate data breaches.

These include, educating staff members, encrypting sensitive data, using access control lists, and developing a clear policy.

A clear policy on how to react and respond to a data breach can be so valuable.

Most importantly knowing exactly who, what, where, and when, the data breach occurred.

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