What Are You Doing To Combat Ransomware In Your Business?

What Are You Doing To Combat Ransomware In Your Business? in addition are your employees following protocol? Are your computer systems up to date? 3 questions you should be asking yourself.

Ransomware Encounters

Windows defender antivirus showed a peak of 85,000 encounters were registered in August of 2016. As a result Ransomware dropped 50 percent in September due to anti malware..

What a Decline!

Though Ransomware has dropped 50 percent in 2016, does that mean it’s gone for good? Seems like the number of Ransomware families being released suggests not.

Microsoft monitoring showed a quarterly review of last years Ransomware attacks. Revealing that 500 million spam emails contained Ramsomware that attempted to install malware.


These Ransomware down-loaders did affect over 13.4 million computers in 2016 and exploit kits such as Meadgive and Neutrino still deliver a primary payload of Ransomware.

Such a globally used Malware with 13.4 million computers infected is a big problem. in addition to sophisticated code and family Ransomware, One might think whats next?

Is There a Way Out?

Campaigns such as Samas are targeting server vulnerabilities while Zcryptor was given worm like abilities allowing it to move around computer systems after infecting one.

What Are You Doing To Combat Ransomware In Your Business?

Tactics to improve Anti-Ransomware is improving as well. Trying to intercept the Ransomware before it can do harm to your systems in key. Consequently are you doing whats necessary?

It is easy to say, “That will never happen to me” but then the next day your calling your IT company or rushing to look for a number to call because you have a Malware virus demanding money.


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