What Happens When An Email Shows Up In The Wrong Recipient

What happens when an email shows up in the wrong recipient and what are the dangers?

Financial emails containing sensitive information and attached files definitely shouldn’t land in the wrong inbox.

These types of mistakes are usually made by someone omitting a character, making a typo, or mixing up domain names and extensions.

Typically you get a “hey, you sent this to the wrong person”, but what if nothing happens?

You’ve now presumed that the email went to the right person and things are okay.

Well a quick search reveals that this issue comes up in the news on a larger scale with some frequency.

News reported a company sending out termination emails to 1,300 employees but was only meant for 1.

Data Breach

Reported data breaches in Canada in the first six months of the year hit 59 and that’s only the beginning.

Risk Based Security Report

Seeing over 1 million exposed records out of Canada can be disheartening and a time for action.

What Happens When An Email Shows Up In The Wrong Recipient

A data breach thanks to a simple typo. In theory, should be easy enough to avoid.

Taking precautions is a good step to not losing data like encryption.

Encrypt everything that’s outgoing that way even if the email does end up in the wrong hands, there’s not much the recipient can do with it.

Robust data and email policies to filter and/or block confidential information is always a good idea.

Simple step of adding an email verification step to a sign-up process would do much to reduce misdirected emails.

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