Who Is The Threat To Your Company’s Security

Who is the Threat to your company’s security? have you thought about it? Would you guess its you? Well no doubt you’ve spent the time and money into making sure your security is in tip top shape. YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE CLICKED THAT LINK IN THE EMAIL!

Don’t worry, because you know us and trust us it’s OK!

Who is the Threat to your Company’s Security

You are the weakest link in your security measures because by nature, we are imperfect and make mistakes. A Recent study was done showing 55 people out of 100 were susceptible to phishing attempts.

Partners and Contractors

Your vendors are threats. For example, a hacker will monitor information going to and from a restaurant your company orders food from. Do you know if that restaurant’s security is up to date?

Life, Family, and Company

Hackers don’t have much else to do but follow your every move and find out your personal information. You on the other hand have a life, family, hobbies, and a business to run.


From March to July, Calgary was hit with 505 incidences of ransom-ware, what makes you immune? Time to see if your security and updates are in check. Hackers have the time but you do don’t.

Questions to think About

  • How easy is it for hackers to obtain access to restricted areas?
  • Have you thought about testing your systems?
  • Have you thought about seeing if your employees can pass a Phishing scam?
  • How thorough is your existing IT professionals now?
  • Is your personal information encrypted?

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