A Brand New Phishing Scam

Mar 3, 2016 | Security Tips | 0 comments

A Brand New Phishing Scam

A brand new phishing scam is circulating in the workplace. Don’t let this happen to you …. It’s 3 pm and after getting a pick-me-up coffee to round out the day, you return to your desk and start going through your emails. You see an email from someone that applied for a job that you had listed. The email includes the applicant’s resume, you open the Word doc. and a WARNING pops up indicating something isn’t right. You click ‘OK’ and accept the warning.

By accepting the warning you’ve just allowed a malicious virus in which encrypted all your files on your computer, a cyber crook is asking you for 1 Bitcoin worth approximately $565 cdn.

What to do?

We recommend that you don’t pay, on the grounds that this means sending money to criminals.

Indeed, if you get hit by ransomware and you really need your files back, and you haven’t taken any precautions such as backing up, you might not have a choice but to pay.

“Prevention is better than cure” You can avoid becoming the next phishing victim by knowing these useful tips:

Back up often the ability to restore quickly undermines the attack.

Reputable antivirus software and firewall Business class firewalls and security software minimize exposure.

Block popups Popups are a prime tactic used by the bad guys, so simply avoid even accidentally clicking on an infected popup.

Exercise caution Don’t click on links inside emails, and avoid suspicious websites. If your PC does come under attack, use another computer to research details about the type of attack. But be aware that the bad guys are devious enough to create fake sites, perhaps touting their own fake antivirus software or their de-encryption program.

Disconnect from the Internet If you receive a Ransomware note, disconnect from the Internet so your personal data isn’t transmitted back to the criminals.

Alert authorities Ransomware is a serious form of extortion.

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