Choosing Security and Anti-Virus Software

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Security and Anti-Virus Software is a key component of your company’s IT security. It helps protect your computers, servers, software and data from viruses, malware, hackers, spyware, dodgy emails and more.

Choosing the best security Security and Anti-Virus Software can be tricky. Many options are available from free basic software through to packages with price tags to match. Determine what you need from your security software. Not all security packages do exactly the same jobs. It’s therefore wise to map your requirements before evaluating specific options. You need to consider:

What needs protecting? How many computers and servers do you have? You may also want to install security software on mobile devices.

Do you already have any security software? You may be able to save money by using or upgrading an existing package.

How much IT expertise do you have? Some packages are easy to set up and maintain. Others require technical knowledge.

Do your staff understand IT security? You may consider giving staff members more control if you are confident they understand the risks.

Do you need to meet external standards? For example, businesses that accept cards may be required to have security software under certain regulations.

What are your future plans? If you intend to expand your business, make sure your security software allows you to add extra users or devices.

Once you have a shortlist of security packages, some other factors can help you identify which is best for your company:

Can your computers run it? Anti-virus software can demand a lot from your computer, because it’s constantly scanning files in the background. Make sure your computers comfortably exceed the software’s requirements.

Are there any potential clashes? Because security software needs to access all the data on your computer, it can occasionally clash with or block other software. Check the software’s website for known issues.

Can you afford it? A decent security package typically costs $60- $80 for three devices/ yearly subscription. Budget for ongoing update costs, as without these the software is much less effective.

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