Tips to Avoid Ransomware

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Tips to avoid Ransomware

Here is the run down on Ransomware and what you need to know to stay safe from it.

Ransomware will encrypt your hard disk, lock you out and demand a fee to be paid in exchange for the decryption key. Ransomware is working and growing as cyber criminals are being paid out more and more.

On February 5th a Los Angels medical center was held ransom for 40 bitcoins (~$17,000 USD). Days past as IT professionals tried and failed to unlock the medical records. The administrators determined the best way to get their data back was to pay the ransom. Read the Letter from the President here.

As with other attacks, you can work to avoid Ransomware. Experts advise taking these steps to avoid attacks or protect yourself after an attack:

Back up often. the ability to restore quickly undermines the attack.

Reputable antivirus software and firewall. Business class firewalls and security software minimize exposure.

Block popups. Popups are a prime tactic used by the bad guys, so simply avoid even accidentally clicking on an infected popup.

Exercise caution. Don’t click on links inside emails, and avoid suspicious websites. If your PC does come under attack, use another computer to research details about the type of attack. But be aware that the bad guys are devious enough to create fake sites, perhaps touting their own fake antivirus software or their de-encryption program.

Disconnect from the Internet. If you receive a Ransomware note, disconnect from the Internet so your personal data isn’t transmitted back to the criminals.

Alert authorities. Ransomware is a serious form of extortion.

“Locky” Ransomware is the newest Ransomware variation. This virus comes in as a MS Word attachment in an e-mail that claims to be delivering an invoice (with a subject line that includes an apparently random invoice number starting with the letter J). If Macro’s are on virus installs if Macros are off you will see a warning. For more details about this virus you check out this article:


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